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Anti-Racism Resources

MC3 Statement of Solidarity

We have all watched with sadness as nationally publicized accounts of police brutality, violence, and racism have unfolded across the country.  These displays of overt, violent racism have shaken us out of our daily routines and demanded our attention, but they are all part of the much deeper problem of systemic and institutional racism in America that must be addressed.

As health care professionals and providers for children, we are too often aware of the oppressive social determinants of health that lead to unjust, inequitable outcomes. Our training has taught us that ACEs (adverse childhood events) disproportionately impact children of color and heighten risk for mental health issues. We are called to the continuous and ongoing work to disrupt and dismantle systems of inequity.

Today, and every day, we stand in solidarity with Black families, colleagues, and communities in protest against systemic racism and injustice.

We recognize that statements of solidarity are not enough to drive the change this moment demands; a moment long overdue.  Moving forward, we commit to challenging systemic racism and to standing on the frontlines of change. We will hold ourselves accountable, within our institutions and as individuals, to examine our unconscious biases and work to become better allies, better learners, better teachers, and better people in the pursuit of building a new and just society.