MC3 ECHO: Behavioral Health

You have spoken and we hear you. Providers in Michigan communities are frustrated with the lack of access to specialty-level treatment and are treating patients with complex conditions.

In response to these intense and ongoing challenges, we are offering an ECHO® (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) program for providers who are seeking guidance and support when treating youth with complex behavioral health concerns.

ECHO is a telementoring platform that leverages video conference technology to connect subject matter experts with primary care teams in local communities, fostering an “all teach, all learn” approach.

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Save the date: View the Fall 2023 MC3 ECHO: Behavioral Health save-the-date flyer, which will cover perinatal topics.

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Fall 2022 Series Didactic Presentation Recordings

Session 1: Treating Disruptive and Aggressive Behavior in Youth (presented by Zakia Alavi, M.D.)

Session 2: Taking the Pain out of Somatic Symptom Disorders: Current Practices and Reviewing Mind-Gut Interactions (presented by Nasuh Malas, M.D., M.P.H.)

Session 3: Safe & Effective Treatments for Complex Depressions (presented by Richard Dopp, M.D.)

Session 4: Evaluation and Treatment of Psychosis in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting (presented by Carol Chen, M.D.)Evaluation and Treatment of Psychosis in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting (presented by Carol Chen, M.D.)

Session 5: Youth Substance Use: Prevention and Intervention (presented by Joanna Quigley, M.D.)

Session 6: Youth Suicide Risk Assessment in Primary Care (presented by Lia Gaggino, M.D. and Anne Kramer, LMSW)

Spring 2023 Series Didactic Presentation Recordings

Session 1: When Picky Eating Becomes a Disorder: Diagnosing ARFID in the Primary Care Setting (presented by Natalie Prohaska, M.D.)

Session 2: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) Identification and Management in the Primary Care Setting (presented by Prachi Shah, M.D.)

Session 3: Assessment and Management of Youth Self-Harm Behaviors in Primary Cary (presented by Alejandra Arango, Ph.D.)

Session 4: Implementing the 5 R’s of Trauma-Informed Care in Primary Care for Youth (presented by Polly Gipson Allen, Ph.D.)

Session 5: Medical Child Abuse: Mitigating Harm Through Awareness and Thoughtful Responsiveness (presented by Nasuh Malas, M.D., MPH)

Session 6: Social Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) in Youth (presented by Gregory Hanna, M.D.)