Prescriber Consultations

Psychiatrists are available through same-day phone consultations to offer guidance on:

  • diagnostic questions
  • medication recommendations
  • appropriate psychotherapy

Your local MC3 Behavioral Health Consultant is also available to provide recommendations for local resources.

Photo of Dr. Maria Muzik speaking on the telephone and looking at a computer screen

How do consultations work?

How do consultations work?

Who can participate?

Pediatric and perinatal providers in Michigan are eligible to receive consultations. This includes M.D.s, D.O.s, N.P.s, P.A.s and C.N.M.s in pediatric, OB/GYN, family medicine, internal medicine, and psychiatry practices. As part of their participation, they will be asked to sign a Provider Agreement (online form available) that outlines program services and respective responsibilities.

What is not included?

MC3 is not an emergency service. Emergency consultations over the phone or in person are not provided. If a provider calls about a patient requiring an urgent intervention, the Behavioral Health Consultant can offer appropriate resource recommendations.

Consulting psychiatrists do not prescribe medication or provide ongoing treatment, but rather support providers as they provide care. For those cases beyond the scope of the provider, the BHC and psychiatrist will offer referrals to local or regional resources.

Why trust MC3 to help treat your patients?

Why trust MC3 to help treat your
pediatric patients?

Why trust MC3 to help treat your
pregnant and postpartum patients?