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Photo of Dr. Lia Gaggino

Lia Gaggino, MD, FAAP

I have worked as a pediatrician for 32 years on the west side of Michigan. During my career as a primary care physician, I have been privileged to care for children and adolescents, and know that their success is closely tied to mental wellness. Parents rely on healthcare providers to be the go-to professionals when it comes to concerns about their children and we need to be experts in behavioral health.

Knowing that the emotional well-being of children is at the core of their total health, I have collaborated with other professionals to develop processes and protocols to strengthen our cross-disciplinary diagnostic and behavioral healthcare models.

I have been fortunate to work within a hospital environment where collaboration was encouraged. When given the opportunity to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, we have always come to a better, more comprehensive care solution for our patients.

It is this kind of cross-disciplinary collaboration that I hope to bring to healthcare and educational environments so that behavioral health care will be fully integrated into their patient care protocols.